5 things you need to know about selling a property in Mid-Peninsula


# 1 This is a global real estate market – there are different sizes and types of properties.


We have all heard the sensational stories of wealthy international buyers buying luxury homes. (The following is the URL link for Los Altos property sales http://blog.sfgate.com/ontheblock/2011/03/31/100-million-dollar-los-altos-home-breaks-record/), but here are various The price of the home is mainly for foreign buyers, who are interested in having a foothold in Silicon Valley. The number of buyers who buy apartments in the United States, townhouses and medium-sized family-style single-family homes is increasing.


If you want to sell your property to the entire market, you need a broker who knows the international market. Your broker must know how to reach potential buyers around the world, how to communicate with them, and must understand their values ​​and business practices.


# 2 After you list your property for sale, you may need to move out of it.


In the old real estate market, when you list your property for sale, you need to find a new property to buy. Once you have found your favorite home, you will coordinate the time difference and make a quote based on the sales of your current property so that you can make a smooth transition from one home to the next.


Nowadays, many sellers, especially those living in high-end real estate, need to move some houses before they sell the property and renovate them for sale, which makes the room light the best. Because we are in a seller’s market, houses may soon be sold. During this period, the seller can take an extended holiday, live in a temporary home or get a bridge loan to purchase a new home before the sale.


# 3 If you want to monetize the property of your house now, but are not ready to move, there is a solution here that may be easier than you think.


I know this seems to be at odds with my previous statement, but let me explain. Although house prices have soared, there is still a big inventory digest problem. This is partly because, although some homeowners are eager to make the real estate appreciation they have gained, they are still not ready to move.


The good news for those homeowners is that some investors are only interested in real estate on the market, but they are not planning to live there. For these investors, it is undoubtedly ideal for them to buy a house and then rent it to the former owner. In this way, they can save the cost of advertising, and also avoid the trouble of showing the house to the tenants. After the third-party hosting of the house transaction, they can collect the rent as quickly as possible.


These investors will often be happy to rent the house for you for a year or more. In this seller’s market, even those who want to move into the house quickly may be willing to rent the house to you for a few weeks or months so that you can get your child to complete the school year or have enough time. Looking for another home.


# 4 Although the emergence of the Internet makes it easier for ordinary people to access the real estate market, it is still important to find an experienced, qualified real estate professional to help you sell.


A recent study shows that the size of homeowner self-sales (FSBO) has actually declined, and in the past decade, more and more sellers realized that they could neither save money nor give them money by selling them. save time.


According to the 2013 National Association of Realtors’ home buyers and sellers, the proportion of “homeowners selling” has been declining, and has fallen by 5% in the past decade, from 14% in 2003 to 2013. 9%. Except for the ratio of transactions between acquaintances in real estate sales or buyers directly contacting the seller, only 6% of the recent sellers did not rely on the help of any real estate agent to reach a deal.


Even if it is currently in the seller’s market, the sale of a house requires not only a sign on the lawn, but also waiting for the buyer to come to the door. To successfully sell a home at the best price requires a specialized marketing and pricing strategy (click on the link in the pricing strategy column for specific information), local, national and global exposure capabilities, and experienced negotiation skills. Only legal knowledge is available from experienced real estate professionals. The more competitive the market, the more you need a professional who knows the complexities of the market, and they can use their expertise to build an edge for you.


# 5 is now the prime time to sell real estate!


Property prices in the MidPeninsula area and surrounding cities are now at their highest point. In some cases, the price paid by the buyer is a bit exaggerated. However, interest rates are still relatively low (but slowly rising). So now the sale can make a lot of money, and the supply is still unable to catch up with demand.


Although the price of the property seems to continue to rise, our experience tells us that this is not the case. The development of the real estate market has its operating cycle. Its price will rise slowly, then reach its peak and then fall, sometimes even falling by more than 20%. Then the amplitude will gradually flatten and eventually rise again. But it is estimated that it will take about five years from the price drop to the peak. Trying to speculate on the direction of the market is very dangerous. If you are wrong, you may lose a lot of money. If you are considering selling your property in the next few years, now is probably your best chance!