Selling new construction requires an agent with the background and experience necessary to ensure a successful transaction.   This specialized type of real estate transaction requires a team with the marketing reach that can identify, segment, and target this specific audience of potential buyers for your newly constructed home.


Julie Tsai Law Realty Group is one of the select few real estate sales teams with extensive construction experience and the team understands and fully appreciates the quality of materials used and can best outline and communicate the value and key selling points of your property. We have successfully handled new construction transactions, and understands this unique, exclusive market—both from a buyer and seller perspective.
As a resident of the mid-peninsula for over 30 years, we have local ties to the community as well as connections to international executives. We know that one of the keys to serving our clients well is building and nurturing connections—locally and globally, in person and online, and with buyers, sellers and other real estate agents. Our experience, reputation, technical savvy and vast connections locally enable us to connect you in all the ways necessary to reach your real estate goals.



With over 15 years serving the Bay Area, the team at Julie Tsai Law Realty Group offers personalized services that will exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking to buy a new property, sell an existing one, or just want to discuss the market – you’ll find that the team at Julie Tsai Law is here to help.

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