Complete Staging After Rebuild, Palo Alto



Adding an extensive lawn suggests the potential for outdoor family fun, while unique plants in a bed of rocks creates visual interest, piquing the attention of potential buyers.

Living Room


Stately yet comfortable furniture choices would have created a fine impression in this room, but the inclusion of a carpet, additional lighting, and stylish accessories brings the entire design to the next level.

Dining Room


A full dining set with a beautiful spread makes buyers feel right at home, while the lush greenery in the corner imparts a sense of serenity.



Pops of color strategically placed throughout the kitchen work to visually unite the dining room with this space while emphasizing the expansive countertops.



Although this part of the home could have been left untouched, the inclusion of artwork in such a high-traffic area underscores the innate warmth of the home’s design.

Master Bedroom


For a room of this size, large, comfortable furniture pieces are essential to making the room feel manageable and yet impressive.

Patio Back


After construction on the patios is completed, outdoor seating areas are provided to encourage potential buyers to see themselves taking full advantage of both the indoors and the outdoors of this property.

Patio East Side

Patio West Side


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