How to Easily Find Your Next Home?

Life is constantly transitioning. The reason you may be looking to change your surroundings varies. Maybe you want to live closer to grandchildren, or perhaps physical limitations require a different floorplan or home size. Maybe you simply want freedom from buying a home to accommodate you during your retirement years.

Whatever your reasons, Julie and her team will work with you to define your priorities while connecting you to resources that can help you along the journey to your next home. You may even decide the best move is away from the Bay Area. Combining local expertise with a global reach, Julie’s network of leading real estate companies from around the world will provide you with perspectives and options that suit your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions
These are our solutions to some of the most frequent questions to consider prior to determining what the right move for you is. Our service-oriented approach is to help you evaluate both the lifestyle fit and financial aspects associated with your purchase.


  • What type of community do I want to live in, and where?

Many seniors see this time as an opportunity to enjoy a lifestyle that is much different from when they were raising their family or pursuing their career. What specific amenities are important to you? Do you prefer to be near a golf course, or would you rather have easy access to shopping and dining? There are many dynamic, active communities all over the Bay Area—and around the country!—with characteristics that will match your interests and needs. We will interview you to define your aspirations, and then proceed to help you find the perfect fit.


  • How much do I want to spend?

Prior to deciding on your housing budget, we recommend that you consult with your financial advisor, attorney, or banker to assess what you can afford while being able to live the life you imagined during retirement. We will provide additional guidance and advice you need to make certain that your decisions are sound.


  • Do I want a mortgage?

Financial questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to aspects you must consider before your next move. Will it make sense for you to carry a mortgage during your retirement? If so, you may wonder how you can secure a mortgage in today’s market. It would also help if you were aware of current rates and terms. Our network of experienced lenders and brokers with proven track records are ready to not only help answer any of your questions, but also will assess your financial capabilities and needs.


  • Do I want a primary residence or investment property, or both? Should I look for a 1031 exchange?

Our experience working with many seniors throughout the years has helped us understand that all buyers have different intrinsic needs when it comes to what type of property will best serve them in the retirement years.

Whether you are purchasing with a 1031 exchange or using your savings to purchase an investment property, our team will assist you in navigating the difficult processes associated with multiple real estate transactions. This includes all manner of advice from our previous experience, including helping you understand the tax implications that will accompany your purchase.


Our Senior Services

Seniors often have unique requirements in their real estate needs when finding their next home. These special needs require a team of real estate experts that not only have the experience serving this specialized market, but the credentials to back it up. Julie is a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) with extensive experience helping seniors plan their move, make the most informed decisions, and navigate the ups-and-downs of the real estate game in order to achieve their desired goals.


Let Us Help Sell Your Home

We are also your very best resource for selling your current home. We will work tirelessly to strategically market your home to the most potential buyers possible, ensuring you receive the results you want. With our strong connections and personal dedication to you, we will be able to streamline the selling process and soon have you handing over the keys to the new owner!