Whether you are selling a home for the first time or you are an experienced real estate investor, we will expertly guide you through our strategic sales process that is designed to maximize the value of your property while minimizing the stress that comes with listing your property.

1 Initial Consultation

The sales process begins with an in-person, no-obligation consultation to discuss your property and your objectives. This introductory meeting will get you acquainted with our team and allow us to review your unique real estate objectives, outline your property’s value proposition, review the sales process and set expectations. The outcome is to get you comfortable with the nuance of the selling process and the necessary ingredients to achieve success.

2 Devise a Strategy

Our team will then prepare a thorough, strategic listing and marketing plan that will effectively present your property to qualified buyers where they can be most effectively reached. Positioning, pricing, marketing and promotional strategies are evaluated based on the home’s differentiated value and modeled against market conditions. Once the strategic plan is complete, we move on to execution towards the plan.

3 Prepare Home for Sale, Inspection & Disclosures, Staging

Once the strategic plan is developed and in full implementation, our team of coordinators and designers will get the ball rolling. As an additional value-added service available to you, one of our senior partners with several years of experience running a construction and development firm can provide a list of trusted and reliable vendors who can perform needed improvements on time and within budget. With your approval, we will coordinate all work necessary to make the process a seamless experience for you.

4 Devise and Execute Marketing Plan

To attract the buyer who will pay the most for your property, it is essential to create a strategic marketing plan customized specifically for your home to reach the right type of buyers you want to attract. Our comprehensive marketing programs combine traditional and innovative media channels to ensure the greatest awareness of your home to the largest possible pool of potential buyers. Awareness of your property is backed by well crafted, world-class marketing collateral that present your home in the best light possible.

5 Open Houses & Facilitate Showing the Home

Because we know time is valuable for our clients, our focus on creating the most marketing buzz for your property in the least amount of time by effectively hosting various home-showing options convenient for you such as market and private showings, broker tours, open houses and other dedicated events. To maximize exposure at these promotional activities, we connect your property with our strong database of community members and influencers, local businesses, and other realtors.

6 Receive Offers & Handle Negotiations

As your agency of choice, it is our primary mission to serve you with your best interest in mind and represents you to obtain the best price and terms. We will interact and advocate on your behalf in response to all presented inquiries and offers and guide negotiations to suit price, timing and terms that are consistent with your goals.

7 Escrow Coordination & Close of Escrow

Orchestrating the entire escrow process require exceptional level to service to successfully close the deal. Our goals for you, as the seller and the buyers are simple. Throughout the entire listing process, we will regularly communicate progress along with walking you through the necessary process and procedures. Conversely for the buying parties, we strive to bring an elevated level of confidence-to-close during this final phase of the sale.  

8 After-Sale Service

After the sale, our relationship with our clients have just begun. We can further support you by helping you find your next home or connect you with other trusted real estate professionals if you plan to relocate out-of-state or internationally.


With nearly 20 years serving the Bay Area, the team at Julie Tsai Law Realty Group offers personalized services that will exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking to buy a new property, sell an existing one, or just want to discuss the market – you’ll find that the team at Julie Tsai Law is here to help.


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