How to Juggle Between Buying and Selling? 

Selling your home is a complex, emotional process on its own. However, if you are also making a home purchase to fulfill your upgrading or downsizing needs, the addition of the intricate home-purchasing process to your transaction adds an intensified level of complexity which can be exhausting, frustrating, and confusing.

Fortunately, Julie and her team are well-versed in handling transactions that require us to juggle between the client’s needs as both a buyer and a seller. With decades of industry experience, we have refined our approach to make it as streamlined and intuitive so you can incur the least stress possible.


Determining Your Needs

During the initial consultation, we collect, assess, and understand your requirements from both buying and selling perspectives. If you have yet to find your next home, we will gladly distill your requirements, priorities, budget, and goals, and then proceed to determine the most appropriate community to begin your home search. Simultaneously, our expert team will begin assisting you in preparing your home to enter the market at the time that is most feasible for you.


Offers And Negotiation

Depending on the timeline you have at your disposal, it may happen that your home sale coincides with your home purchase. Julie and her team do not back down from a challenge; our infrastructure is organized in such a way that even joint transactions come together seamlessly and successfully.

During the offer process, we carefully review all items pertaining to both your sale and your purchase, including property inspection reports, pest inspection reports, seller disclosures, preliminary title report, and Homeowners’ Association (HOA) documents. We are always available to address any questions, and will strategize with you to make the best possible decision and negotiate for the maximal results in terms of both your new home and your former home.


Transaction Assistance

Combining the requirements of a home purchase with those of a home sale can be a messy business, but our efficient processes and expansive network of lenders, brokers, and coordinators will make your transaction a breeze, regardless of how complicated the details may seem. Leave the paperwork to our experts so that you can focus on preparing your family for moving into your new home.


Let Us Help You

To achieve the best results with both your sale and purchase, contact Julie so she can educate you on how our well-experienced team is equipped to deliver the outcome you want.