10 Reasons for Home Ownership


  1. Estate Building! Build your own estate instead of your landlord’


  1. Rent money is spent money. The moment you buy a home, you start a built-in savings account.  Each mortgage payment puts money into your own bank, and your future.


  1. Get a free ride with inflation. Buy now and your dollars will buy more home for you.  You will pay off your mortgage with pre-inflation dollars!


  1. Tax advantages – one of the best reasons to buy! Real estate taxes and interest charges on mortgages are tax deductible.


  1. Home ownership gives a family a sense of security and stability. You become part of a neighborhood and a town.  You belong.


  1. Home ownership offers a better variety of lifestyle choices. Residential housing options are not as limited as rental housing stock.  There are less restrictions on the use of your interior and exterior living areas when you own, and often more storage space, too!


  1. Your home equity may be used as security for future loans.


  1. Home ownership is a symbol of achievement. Your home is your castle.


  1. Home ownership can improve your credit rating.


  1. Rental payments over a lifetime could buy you more than 4 homes!