How to Effortlessly Sell Your Home?

There are many reasons people choose to leave a home they have enjoyed for years, sometimes even decades. New opportunities arise; needs change.


Whatever your reasons, Julie and her team will work with you to clarify your real estate priorities while connecting you to resources that can help you along the journey to your next home. They will connect you to trusted professionals in the Bay Area and even worldwide to provide you with perspectives and options that suit your needs and help you make important decisions.


Frequently Asked Questions

These are our solutions to some of the most frequent questions to consider prior to determining what the right move for you is. Our service-oriented approach is to help you evaluate both the technical and emotional aspects of the sale.


  • Where should I move to next?

There are many options when choosing your new location and the type of home that will suit your lifestyle, including condominiums, retirement communities, apartments, assisted living facilities, and more. Our consultative approach will help you clarify your unique goals for your next home, and also introduce you to other professionals who will help you execute your plan, from budgeting, planning, purchasing, and post-sale support.


  • What will I do with all belongings that are really so much more than “things” to me?

It is physically and emotionally challenging to sort through a lifetime of memories. Julie and her team will refer you to trusted, caring specialists who will help you determine how to best evaluate what to keep, what to give away to family or friends, what to donate, and what to discard. In addition, our local trusted service providers will pack and move your furnishings, as well as arrange for donations of unwanted items.


  • Do I need to repair the house before selling? What are my options?

Your home can be sold “as-is” or “off-market,” or even handled as a “private sale” to minimize stress and disruption, or to facilitate a quick sale without having to ever conduct an open house on your current property.

If repairing the house makes sense and can result in a higher sales price, our team will provide suggestions for addressing any minor maintenance or repairs, including simple fixes such as changing out light bulbs or yard cleanup work. Our dependable, seasoned professionals will handle these items in a timely fashion at affordable prices.


Our Senior Services

Seniors often have unique requirements for their real estate needs when selling their home. These special needs require a team of real estate experts who not only have the experience serving this specialized market, but the credentials to back it up. Julie is a certified Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) with extensive experience helping seniors plan their move, make the most informed decisions, and navigate the ups-and-downs of the real estate game in order to achieve their desired goals.

If you decide to sell your home, we will define the best ways to present your home on the market to buyers, local and international, or whether you may want to consider selling “off-market” or as a “private sale.” We will advise you on cost-effective ways to strengthen your home’s profit potential, or whether to consider selling your home “as-is.” We have well-established local resources for all professional services you may require throughout the selling process, from financial planners and bankers to contractors, stagers, packers, and movers.


Let Us Help With Your Next Home

We are also your very best resource for buying your next home. We will work tirelessly to find the best fit for the lifestyle you choose in the location you want to be. With our strong connections and personal dedication to you, we will be able to streamline the search process and will soon have you saying, “I’m home!”