Our strategically tailored marketing plan communicates the story of your property to ensure your home will get the greatest exposure in the industry. Our talented and experienced team of photographers, video producers, copywriters, graphic & web designers, online and social media marketing specialists work in concert to deliver world-class marketing assets and delivered across various technologies and channels to best market your property.

Professional, High-End, Custom Photography, Video & 3D Walkthrough

Our marketing approach starts by bringing distinction to your home through the use of breathtaking, high-resolution photography across all mediums to showcase your home . We pride ourselves in delivering the most impactful and vivid imagery combined with professionally produced property videos that engage potential buyers and increase interest from remote buyers that are physically outside of the area.

When applicable, 3D image of the home are utilized to create a greater immersive experience where buyers can actually walk the house and understand the floor plan prior to physically visiting the home. 3D Walk-throughs open your home to a global audience such as international buyers market.

Print Collateral, Advertising &
Direct Marketing

Our experienced copywriters and graphic designers combine the power of the written word around thoughtfully crafted layouts to create beautiful direct marketing and advertising collateral, as well as high-quality color brochures that leave a lasting impression from other realtors and buyers long after their visit of your property. Based on size and price of the property, we will tailor a suite of marketing assets appropriate that best convey the image of the home.

Internet Marketing & Social Media

As our client, one of the key benefit at your disposal is having our comprehensive online marketing strategies and programs that effectively and quickly reaches thousands of potential buyers, clients, and agents. The greatest competitive advantage in selling your home is to have the largest audience and reach possible. Our online marketing campaign include custom property website for your property that uniquely showcase your property, email and direct mail promotions to our expansive database, and special features for your property via key website and social media channels.

Networking & Events, Open Houses
& Broker Tour

Using segmentation and targeting database strategies on key demographics that are determined to be likely buyers of your home, these potential buyers are immediately notified once your home is put on the market.

We believe personal touch is paramount in promoting your property. Setting up open houses, broker tours, and other special events such as twilight tours will not only attract the most qualified buyers but ensure that interest level stay consistently high.

Off Market Sales

Some sellers might decide to sell their home Off-Market for various reasons such as privacy, personal and health reasons. The ability to sell a home off-market requires special demands from the most experience real estate agents. We understand the protocols required to promote your home discretely while protecting your privacy.

International Connections & Exposures

The San Francisco Bay Area is one of the most desirable places in the world to live, therefore it is essential that your home be marketed properly to a global audience. We take a multi-layered approach to targeting wealthy international buyers to garner greater exposure to our high-end properties.

Besides the vast family, friends, alumni and client connections in Asia, Julie travels overseas to attend international luxury home exhibitions and meet with international executives, ultra-high net worth individuals and investors who are interested to buy properties in the Bay Area. Through our team, clients are connected to a vast network of top agents, international executives and investors around the world.

Luxury Real Estate Affiliations

We have over a decade of experience in the luxury real estate market in the Bay Area. Successfully handling countless luxury home transaction and understanding this uniquely exclusive and exciting market from a buyer’s and seller’s perspective are all part of our team’s advantage. With discretion and concern for your privacy and security, the JTL team harnesses their affiliations with the most distinguished international real estate brokerages and financial institutions worldwide, as well as personal contacts both nationally and internationally, to handle the sale of
your investment.

As a client of Julie’s team, you are connected to powerful international marketing associations, representing buyers and sellers of luxury properties around the world.


With over 15 years serving the Bay Area, the team at Julie Tsai Law Realty Group offers personalized services that will exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking to buy a new property, sell an existing one, or just want to discuss the market – you’ll find that the team at Julie Tsai Law is here to help.

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