Hardworking and absolutely trustworthy

My husband and I wanted to write this letter and give our highest recommendation to Julie and to express our gratitude towards her for her tireless effort and help in selling my Mother’s house in Fremont. Selling a house can often times be quite a challenging experience. But, from the moment we met Julie, we were extremely impreassed with her expertise, knowledge and professionalism. In addition, her friendly demeanor absolutely put us at ease. As we got to know Julie more and more, we also observed her excellent work ethic. She is very hardworking and absolutely trustworthy. She never forced us to do anything we were uncomfortable with, and she guided and supported us through the whole process of selling the house. Julie was able to move my Mother’s house off the market in just two weeks and the deal she negotiated for my mother was completely to everyone’s satisfaction. We can honestly say it was an amazing experience working with Julie. We also wanted to thank Julie for introducing us to Kristin and Ken of KKT Construction. When we decided to upgrade my Mother’s house, Julie put us in contact with Kristin and Ken who were able to do a beautiful job remodeling my mother’s house. We were very happy with the work KKT Construction did on the house and very impressed with the level of professionalism of their workers. In conclusion, if anyone ever asked us if we knew a good real estate agent, we would, without hesitation, recommend Julie and we would add, she isn’t just a good agent, she’s the best. Sincerely Angela O.

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