Relocating from the East Coast

Dear Julie, We would like you to know how much we appreciate and have valued your service in our recent purchase of a residential property in the bay area. Your devotion to your clients and to your profession has left us a memorable impression to cherish for a long time. We do feel now that we have made one more trusted friend whom we can rely on in California.  Your extensive expertise in residential real estate in Palo Alto and its surrounding jurisdictions coupled with your patience and excellent ability of listening to our needs and financial requirements has enabled you to lead us to the kind of property we have in mind in less than two weeks. Knowing how "picky" we are about things, our friends back in the East coast couldn't believe their ears when informed that we bought a house in California in a single short trip.  Your broad knowledge in real estate transactions proved invaluable to us. Your advice on reverse exchange of real properties has saved us not only both time and money immediately, but also potential legal headaches down the road.  After the settlement and in spite of your tight schedule, Julie, we are particularly grateful to the extra effort, which you have so generously and so competently accorded us to make the transaction a perfect experience. This includes the arrangement of a tenant before we take residence in California among numerous other items. Since we are physically in the East coast, we have totally relied upon your handling of all the details. As a matter of fact, we have lost counts on the number of long-distance phone calls, faxes and express packages, which we received from you.  Many thanks to you again, Julie. We wish you continuing success and prosperity in your pursuit of excellence in real estate, and are looking forward to meeting you and your charming husband again in our coming trip to California.  Sincerely yours, D.N. Fan & F. Fan, Ph.D. .

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