Not Living in The Bay Area? We Can Still Help You Buy Real Estate

Maybe you’ve found yourself looking for real estate in the Bay Area, but you are currently out of the area and don’t know where to start your journey. Your reason may be that you are looking to live closer to family or friends. Perhaps you are relocating for work, or maybe you’re chasing that perfect dream home in an area known for year-round moderate weather.

Whatever the reason, buying real estate remotely is often stressful and frightening because of dealing with so many unknowns. It is our goal to make your transition seamless by providing a full range of comprehensive services. These will simplify the demands on your life so you can concentrate on what really matters.


Our Unique Credentials

We differentiate ourselves from other firms through our established worldwide affiliations and personal connections. It is through these affiliations we understand that successful real estate transactions require global knowledge and outreach, coupled with local expertise. Julie and her team can handle and advise on all aspects of your move, including what region, city, and neighborhood you should target, schools and employers best suited for your needs, current market trends, and detailed demographic research like salary and cost-of-living comparisons. Our detailed services even include assistance on how to switch your utilities once you purchase your home.

If you are able to visit the Bay Area, Julie personally provides tours for you and your family to look at properties, communities, and schools that best fit your needs. You may be constantly on the go due to your job or profession; if so, we can work with your business or designated family members to move the process forward, even when you are not available. Our team of experts can provide the essential information and services, along with connecting you to affiliations locally and globally to ensure your smooth transition.


Experience The Difference

Our expertise and knowledge will prove invaluable as we alleviate the stress of buying a new home remotely while you focus on more important matters, like acclimating to your new surroundings. Julie and her team will work with you to define your priorities while providing first-class service and connections to ease your transition. We make available to you our expertise gained from years working with a diverse set of international and local clients to provide you with the right perspectives and knowledge.


Let Us Help You

To achieve the best results while purchasing your home from outside the Bay Area, contact Julie so she can educate you on how our well-experienced team is equipped to deliver the outcome you want.