How to Purchase a New Construction?

Buying new construction requires an agent with the background and experience necessary to ensure a successful transaction. This specialized type of real estate transaction also demands a team with the combined tools and knowledge to segment, target, and help you select the best potential areas for your newly constructed home.

Julie Tsai Law Realty Group is one of the select few firms with extensive construction buying experience. Through our decades of experience, we understand and fully appreciate the advantages to these types of properties, and can best outline and communicate the key benefits of a newly built home versus an existing home.


A History Of Experience And Success

If you’re looking to buy a new construction, you will need credentials and experience to properly navigate the complex nature of these type of transactions. Julie began her experience at a young age by being involved in the family business of real estate development in Taiwan. Over the years, she fine-tuned her craft by representing the interests of many buyers of new construction. Her experience uniquely positions our team to offer specialized services in buying or building new constructions of every price-point.


Experience The Difference

Our expertise will prove invaluable as you embark on the journey of buying or building a home that lives up to your high expectations. To accomplish your goals, we have a reputable team of designers, architects, and contractors with a long-standing history of relationship, trust, and understanding established with our firm who can all properly execute your vision.

It is highly recommended you should never buy a new construction without the representation of an experienced real estate agent. It is simply not worth the risk. Remember – there is no fee charged with this type of real estate representation with Julie Tsai Law Realty Group. In these particular transactions, it is the builder’s responsibility to pay the fees to both the seller’s and buyer’s agents. Our primary role will be to provide you with guidance and support throughout the entire process, such as handling complex negotiations, dispute resolutions, builder queries, and continuous evaluations of the pros and cons of your investment.


Let Us Help You

To achieve the best results with purchasing or even building your new construction, contact Julie so she can educate you on how our well-experienced team is equipped to deliver the outcome you want.