There are many reasons people choose to leave a home that they have enjoyed for years, sometimes decades. New opportunities arise, needs change. Julie will help you clarify your real estate priorities and connect you to trusted professionals in the Bay Area and worldwide who have the information you need for making important decisions.



Should I move to home or a townhouse or condominium? Julie will explain the variety of possibilities from which you can choose.


What will I do with all the belongings that mean so much to me?

Sorting through your personal items can be challenging, emotionally and physically.  Julie knows caring specialists to help you with decisions on what to keep, give to family, or donate. She will connect you with careful, reliable packers and movers.


Do I have to repair the house before selling? What are my options? Your home can be sold “As-Is” or “Off-Market/Private Sale” to minimize the activity coming into your home, or to facilitate a quick sale, without having an open house. Julie will explain the pros and cons of selling “AS-IS” versus repairing or renovating your home for market. She can provide suggestions to increase your profits at sale. Sometimes just a bit of yard clean-up or minor reorganizing inside is all that is needed.


Julie has developed an enviable list of reliable professionals on whom she depends to handle any repairs or renovations, minor or major, in a timely manner and reasonable rates if you choose to make repairs on the house.



Julie is your local SRES specialist. She has the experience and the information you’ll need to make your real estate decision.  She will guide you through your options and connect you with the right professional resources to make your next move smooth and worry-free. Call Julie at 650-799-8888  or email her today!