Perhaps you’ve already bought your first home, and have enjoyed living there for quite some time. You’ve thought about buying a larger home because you’re hoping to start a family in the near future. But you have yet to make the leap.

Or maybe you’ve recently been promoted. You love your neighborhood, but living closer to work would cut down on your commute and give you more free time to pursue what you love.
Finding the perfect house is not just a concern of first-time homebuyers. Lives are constantly evolving, and your home should evolve at the same pace.

It’s about more than just finding a great piece of property. A home is where memories are made, and it should outwardly reflect the family living inside of it. It’s a headquarters and a sanctuary, a place for creating new traditions and celebrating the old ones.

At Julie Tsai Law’s Realty Group, we are dedicated to seeing our clients through each and every life transition, whether we’re putting your current house on the market or finding the perfect community for your new one. With our relocation services and in-house mortgage company, Private Mortgage Advisors, APR has created a one-stop shop to assist with all of your real estate needs, so you can spend less time worrying about the details and more time making your house a home.


Whether you have children who have recently gone to college or are just looking for less lawn maintenance, downsizing can be the right move for many reasons. We are here to help with all aspects of the downsizing process, from selling your family home for the right price to finding a new place to call your own.

There are many factors to take into consideration when downsizing, from your current home’s market value to understanding new and different property taxes. We are well-versed in leading clients successfully through the monetary maze of changing homes, and are eager to support you during the physical and emotional hassles of downsizing.
Through our relocation services, we offer full-time experts to make your next big transition a smooth one. Our worldwide affiliations allow us to connect sellers with the most reputable real estate brokers around the country and the world to help find the right buyer for your family home.


With over 15 years serving the Bay Area, the team at Julie Tsai Law Realty Group offers personalized services that will exceed your expectations. Whether you’re looking to buy a new property, sell an existing one, or just want to discuss the market – you’ll find that the team at Julie Tsai Law is here to help.

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