If we all waited for the perfect moment, we would never marry, have children, switch careers, retire, or move. 

Leave perfect timing to Swiss watches and trains. In real estate, optimal timing is the target.

Time To Move?

Selling your home and moving, especially if you’ve lived in it for a long time, is an emotionally charged decision. After all, home is not just a living space, but a storehouse of fond memories; your children’s cradle and launchpad; the cozy, nurturing womb of friendship and camaraderie; your safe harbor. Just thinking about what will be left behind and the inconvenience of moving fills many people with anxiety and dread.

But an inconvenience, said British author G.K. Chesterton, can become an adventure if rightly considered—which is the same as saying we should think about what we stand to gain instead of what we stand to lose.

Getting rid of stuff, for instance, can seem daunting, until we imagine ourselves and our lives more unencumbered. Goodbye worrying about the three sets of dishes that have never been used! Decluttering our lives is good for the mind and soul. Shedding allows us to travel light. We lose stuff but gain freedom and peace of mind.

Downsizing can feel stifling until we picture ourselves in closer quarters and proximity to our loved ones, or when we imagine all the wonderful experiences and new memories a lower mortgage payment will afford us. 

A new neighborhood, town, or city may just be the fertile soil we need to reinvent ourselves in midlife. Change is energizing!

Separating ourselves from the familiar—our old friends, community, or favorite haunts and hikes—allows us to see everything anew. Distance, they say, makes the heart grow fonder.

If rightly considered, selling your home and moving someplace new will always be an adventure, and with Julie Tsai Law, we stand ready to chart the course with you.

Perfect Timing

Attempting to perfectly time the market is one of the great traps into which many people fall.

If someone as knowledgeable as Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan couldn’t see the 2008 market crash coming, it is hard to comprehend how we can predict the highest wave in a market cycle—especially in a real estate market as nuanced as the San Francisco Bay Area.

“A decade of results throws cold water on the notion that strategists exhibit any special ability to time the markets.” – The Wall Street Journal

Regardless of market turbulence, over the years Julie and her team have helped our clients focus on obtaining the highest possible price while selling at the time that suits each client’s needs. Our clients have been amply rewarded by our conservative, yet savvy advice. After all, we have been around long enough to know how to tailor the timing of your selling experience to be both easy and financially rewarding. We also know if a window of time simply won’t give you the results you expect, and we feel it is our duty to inform you and let you make the final decision.

Our team of experts has a constant finger on the pulse of the market, tracking Fed policy, interest rates, supply and demand, economic growth, demographic shifts, and regional development plans that may impact your property value. This allows us to provide a comprehensive outlook to our clients and recommend the optimal time to sell your home for the value and terms you desire.

Can We Help?

Julie understands the idea of selling your home may seem overwhelming. This is why we have created a system that makes home-selling as easy and effective as possible.

For more information on how we can help with your home-selling needs, please contact Julie at 650.799.8888 or Julie@JulieTsaiLaw.com to schedule a free consultation.