Hints to Buyers For Smoother Closings


  • Contact your lender to determine if a binder for homeowner’s insurance is acceptable. In most cases, the actual policy is required, and your insurance carrier needs adequate time to prepare and deliver the policy.  Bring this with you to closing.


  • Your closing funds (balance of down payment, closing costs, etc.) may be required in the form of a certified or cashier’s check. Personal checks are frequently not be accepted and would cause your closing to be delayed or moved to the next day.  Check with your lending institution to verify the proper form of payment.  Checks should be made payable to yourself and endorsed to the proper disbursing associate at closing.  If your funds are in a Money Market account, notify your lender well in advance.  Many banks will not issue a cashier’s check until the Money Market check has cleared.


  • You should be aware that prior to closing, you will receive a copy of the title insurance commitment as per your offer to purchase.