How to Handle Sales of Investment Properties?

If you’re looking to sell your investment real estate, especially in a market as dynamic as in the Bay Area, then you have your work cut out for you.

As an investor, we realize that you not only have unique requirements for your real estate needs but, because you are risking your own capital with specific financial goals, having timely and accurate information is necessary to make the best decisions possible.


Investor Advantage

These stringent guidelines require a team of real estate experts who not only have the experience serving this specialized market but are experienced investors themselves. Julie Tsai Law Realty Group has helped many investors with developing sound investing strategies, making recommendations, and executing plans to achieve the varying goals of our clients.

Working with Julie Tsai Law Realty Group provides investors distinctive advantages you won’t find anywhere else. We practice what we preach, using our own experience as practitioners to devise well thought-out investment strategies. We can assist you in effectively improving and then successfully advertising your investment property, ensuring your investment is optimized. Our firm has helped many investors sell their projects, resulting in achieving the financial and personal objectives they sought after.


Extensive Services

As part of our service-oriented approach, we allow investors unlimited access to our industry network and personal archives of on-the-job experience. Here are a few of the ways we steer your project toward success.


  • Give advice about which remodeling projects provide the best return on investment (ROI)
  • Create a plan to maximize value and mitigate costs
  • Get competitive contractor bids
  • Develop a step-by-step plan
  • Work with vendors to schedule services and deliveries
  • Regularly review progress of project to ensure utmost quality
  • Devise a professional, full-fledged marketing campaign designed to showcase your property
  • Employ our international connections and extensive industry network to broadcast your sale
  • Negotiate offers until you receive an offer that meets your investment goals
  • Guide you through the arduous process of finalizing the sale of your investment property


Let Us Help You

To achieve the best results with the sale of your investment property, contact Julie so she can educate you on how our well-experienced team is equipped to deliver the outcome you want.